people changes. memories don't
Thursday, 6 December 2012 at Thursday, December 06, 2012

Assalamualaikum. it's been a very long time aku tak update tak usik langsung blog ni. bila baca post lama, rasa macam immature pun ada. nak tergelak sendiri pun ada. but i've deleted it all.ermm, too many things happen to me. whether it's bad or good. 2012 may be a quite terrible year for me. abah asked me to move in new to leave my friends, got to leave him and new surrounding, new people, new lifestyle. bunyi macam pindah overseas je kan. tapi bukan. i moved in a new school in Pahang which is 189 km from my house *maybe*.
  back to the title, People Changes , Memories Don't. i have been transferred to a new school so i had to leave my friends. Echa,Adilla,Emas,Anis,Dayah korang memang terbaik! korang memang limited edition tak jual kat mana-mana pun. eh? diorang classmates dekat sekolah lama dulu. seriously bila dekat Pahang, i've missed them a lot!echa yang caring, dilla yang funny gila, mas yang meleTOP, anis yang sentiasa agree with others, and dayah yang suka ketawa.  but, i'll never forget them. never. it's been three years we're in the same class and i'll never forget it.
    in 2012 too, i've found that i've been missing my EX a lot. he might be not to read this and that's why i write bout him. i can't get him out of my head. he drives me crazy. i don't even know why. aku rindu dia. ya, aku rindu ex aku tapi bukan bermaksud aku nak kembali semula dengan dia sebab aku tahu bila kita get back dengan ex it's just like reading a same book while we know the end of the story. after we broke i was okay with it. but it's been a year aku tak tahu kenapa susah sangat nak buang dia jauh dari hidup aku. i wish that i had never met you then there would be no need to love you, no need to keep remember bout you. dear ex, i wish i could see inside your head, listen to your thoughts and see whatt do think about me. i'll try to move one. like others
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